[Image Description: Character Sheet of a little girl name Gracie and featuring her with five different scenarios. Gracie is about 8 years old and she wears a purple sweater with a yellow letter "G" embroidered in the center, plaid blue skirt, and red sneakers with mismatching blue and yellow socks. From left to right: (1) Gracie has both hands to her face in excitement (2) Gracie in the center is holding a golf club behind her back with a red golf flag and a golf ball, (3) Gracie is looking to the right with her hand over her head to get a better look at where the golf ball landed and is holding a driver in her left hand, (4) Gracie is sitting on the ground criss-crossed crying with tears coming out and left hand is wiping away tears, (5) Gracie has musical notes to her right and she is dancing with her left toe pointed out (She is wearing socks and no shoes). Each image features a green grass silhouette underneath.]
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