Children's book illustration of Koi Boi, a boy in a pond of koi fish
[Image Description: Digital illustration with watercolor and pencil brush textures. A boy with his eyes and nose above the water and the rest of his boy in the water looking out. There is a leafy sprout on the top of his head and he is in a koi pond. There are two koi fish, green and red, swimming in the green pond. There are water lilys, lotus flowers, and leaves in the water. The water has ripples and the sky has moon and stars. The sky is a deep purple that transitions to a lighter purple.]
This illustration uses a looser style. I challenged myself to not be a perfectionist and thus resulted in a perfectly imperfect piece. Shown by the pencil scribbles, watercolor drops, and uncolored objects.

I discovered cozy fantasy books and I think it inspired me to create this world. The koi fish were inspired by my Uncle who has a pretty cool koi pond! I didn't realize there was so much science behind maintaining the right environment for koi fish. Did you know that it's common for koi fish to eat their own eggs?

Perhaps there's a story brewing for koi boi, stay tuned!
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