Children's book illustration of Momo, a Nepali momo. This version is a veg momo. There are prayer flags blowing in the wind.
Momo is a steamed dumpling. It is often found in Nepal and Tibet as well as India and Bhutan. The first momos I tried were Nepali style so that’s what I drew inspiration from for this illustration. The momo dough is made of flour and there are various fillings such as meat, potatoes, paneer, and vegetables. It is served with a chutney made with tomatoes, chilies, garlic, and pepper. Also, I find it impossible to have “just one” momo!
[Image Description: Illustration of four kids assembling momos. The kids are shrunken down. The top of consists of prayer flags blowing in the wind. Below the flags is a plate of momos and chutney, there is steam coming out from the momos. The middle left shows two kids, a boy and girl, folding the dumplings to resemble a rounded shape. To the right of them is a couple of rounded doughs ready to be rolled flat. There is a dough with a Nepal flag. The bottom shows a girl throwing flour onto the dough as a boy is rolling out the dough flat. To the left of them is a bowl of vegetarian dumpling filling.]
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