Pani Puri illustration, a popular Indian street food, in the style of children's picture book illustration
Pani Puri is a popular street food in India. It’s a flavor bomb consisting of sweet, savory, and spicy. The dough puffs up when fried, is then hollowed and filled with potatoes and spices.  It is then dunked in tamarind or mint-flavored water.
[Image Description: Illustration of Pani Puri being assembled. There are 3 kids shrunken down so that they are as small as the puri. There is an illustration of a picture frame around the image with ingredients that make up the dish. There are two kids on the top page, the girl has braided hair and is hollowing out the fried dough while a boy is walking over to fill it with dough. He is whistling as he strolls over. The girl on the bottom page has two pigtails and is preparing to dunk the stuffed puri into the mint flavored water. There is also a clay pot with tamarind water next to it.]
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