Children's Magazine Illustration spread of the poem "Pirate Story" written by Robert Louis Stevenson. There is an image of a purple submarine with 3 windows, in each window something looking out of it: a boy with a pirate hat, a dog, and a girl with a bandana and glasses. At the bottom left of the illustration are four cows wearing a circle helmet (similar to an astronaut helmet) swimming toward the submarine. They are under water and there are fish, kelp, flowers, sea urchin, air bubbles, and starfish in the background
[Image Description: Magazine full page spread with illustration of a submarine with three windows showing a boy, girl, and dog looking through each window. On the left of the page there are four cows wearing underwater helmets swimming toward the sub. There text features the poem Pirate Story by Robert Louis Stevenson. The colors are black, white, purple, and pink.
Illustration process for an editorial piece in a children's magazine.

Through Domestika course taught by Jimena S. Sarquiz.
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