I recorded a practice video, incase you'd like to rewatch ↑
How to Draw a Cartoon Face by Genevieve's Design Studio 
Follow along tutorial, great tips + techniques

Beginner guide playlist

Format files for Print for Children's Books by Genevieve's Design Studio
All in Procreate

Helpful tips for beginners - advanced users
Especially "Pressure Curve" which reduces the amount of pen pressure you need to apply

Procreate for Kids by Lisa Bardot
Tutorial for someone completely new to digital art


How do you setup your file for picture books? 
300 DPI. Generic CMYK
Bethany Stahl's video is helpful for figuring out margins & bleeds (skip to 13:48 for calculations)

Where can I download FREE brushes & paper textures?
Gumroad - select "Drawing & Painting" > popular tags select "procreate brushes" > "Maximum price" enter 0.
OR use search bar + filter "Maximum price" of 0
ProcreateFolio - Use search bar (e.g. "Free ink brush" or "Free watercolor paper texture")

I don't have an iPad. How can I try Procreate out?
Best Buy/Apple Store - their iPads have Procreate installed

I have a shaky hand. Can I still use Procreate? 
Yes! With Motion Filtering (designed specifically with hand tremors & accessibility in mind) which helps stabilize brush strokes

What template do you use for your storyboard?
I made my own (you can download it here)
Using Procreate I drew a rectangle and duplicated until I had enough pages.

Paid (~$10/course). I love how the instructors show what you can do beyond the course material

This course set a solid foundation for Procreate, picture book illustrations, and storytelling. Spanish w English subtitles. I recommend for those looking to learn about picture book illustrations but unsure where to begin. I like her teaching style and techniques. 

The last part of the course is in Procreate. Great if you'd like to plan + sketch on paper then transfer it to Procreate. She breaks things down and explains it in a simple way!

Color Palette Inspo

See what each each brush looks like

Digital watercolor art that looks realistic. He sells his brushes + paper textures

2 minute video

How to quickly exporting all pages into a PDF
Reach out if you have any questions
hello [at] sarahtdoan [dot] com
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