A collection of prints is inspired by the phrase "Have You Eaten Yet?" This is what my parents said to me growing up as food was their way of showing love.
I love experiencing culture through food and wanted to capture the childlike feeling I get when I eat make/delicious food.
About me:
My name Sarah, I am a children's book illustrator based in Austin, TX. My art is inspired by awkward encounters, childhood memories, food, and the celebration of cultures.
Art Prints
4 x 5 in
8 x 8 in
8 x 10 in
Takoyaki - Japan
Takoyaki - Japan
Pani Puri - India
Pani Puri - India
Bun Rieu - Vietnam
Bun Rieu - Vietnam
Momo - Nepal
Momo - Nepal

Peru Map 8x8 Print

Mango Love 8x8 Print

Places you can find me
- Dear Diary Coffee - Oct 2023 - Oct 2024
- Twin Oaks Branch Library - Nov 27, 2023 - Jan 8, 2024
- BookPeople - May 2024
- Studio Kura - Aug-Sep 2024

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Top row: 4x5 prints
Bottom row: 8x10 prints
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