Takoyaki illustration, a savory snack from Japan in the style of children's book illustration
Takoyaki is a savory Japanese snack made of a batter which consists of flour, octopus, onions, pickled ginger, and tempura scraps. The batter is poured in a half-spherical pan and rotated as it cooks until it resembles a ball. It’s plated with kewpie mayo, takoyaki sauce, dried laver, and bonito flakes.
[Image Description: Illustration of Takoyaki, being made by two kids. The kids are shrunken down and the girl on the top left is turning the takoyaki with chopsticks as it’s being cooked on an iron pan. There are nine batter balls being cooked on the pan and there’s hot steam rising from the cooking process. On the right there is a bottle of takoyaki sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise. The top of the drawing has a traditional Japanese restaurant banner with Takoyaki written in Japanese along with a Japan flag and octopus illustration. At the bottom of the page there’s a boy topping the takoyaki with green onions and he has both his hands out as he throws the ingredients on. Below him is a boat shaped paper plate of cooked takoyaki. The background consists of a wooden floor and shoji (traditional japanese door made of wood and paper.]
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